Gateway to a Shinto shrine, Japanese red Torii

June Bride and family carp, Japan

All parts of Japan (except Hokkaido) experience the humid period of the year rainy season with daily drizzle from middle May to July.

The carps are a symbols of a family.

Carp-shaped streamers in end of April to early May at Tokyo Tower, Japan

Carp-shaped streamers;
Top of a streamer; Good luck charm
2nd is a father carp; color: Black
3 rd is a mother carp; color: Red
Bottom is children carp; color: Blue or Green

Japanese wedding are conducted in Shinto-style, Buddhist or Christian style at the same time on a chosen lucky day.

Japanese Wedding

Most couples express a desire to hold unique weddings suitable to themselves.

Japanese Wedding_2

Carp live in most garden pond of shrine.

Japanese Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

If it is raining…?

Meiji-jingu Shrine, Buddhism in Japan

How about you go to shrine or Buddhist temple ?

Meiji-jingu Shrine, Buddhism in Japan_2

You can see beautiful garden, and we feel awestruck in front of a shrine.

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