Goldfish in Japan

Summer festivals and Animals in August, Japan

Summer is sticky in Japan. The Birds looks hot today too…

Summer is sticky in Japan, Penguin

In Japan, cicadas are shrilling everywhere. ZzzZzz…

Cicada in Japan

Summer festivals are held from the middle of July until the middle to August, when children are starting their summer holidays.

Summer festivals are organized by the local neighborhood team.

Japanese drum Festival at Kanda in Tokyo, Japan

The main attractions at summer festivals are bon-odori, a Bon festival dance and firework shows.

Fireworks in Japan

Bon is a Buddhist festival in honor of the spirits of the dead who return to their families.

Edo Wind chime in Tokyo, Japan

Many people have fun dressing up in a yukata, Japanese summer wear, at summer festivals.
There are yukatas for children and adults, for both girls and boys!

Goldfish in Japan, Azumanishiki

A game where you catch goldfish is popular with the children at summer festivals.

Goldfish in Japan, Fringetail gold fishes_2

You try to scoop the goldfish out of a pool using a paper scoop called a “poi”. You can take home the goldfish that you catch.

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