Maney Welcoming cat, Maneki-neko in Tokyo, Japan

Rainy season, lucky cats and wild birds in July at Japan

There cat’s figures are called ‘manekineko’ in Japanese, and are called ‘welcome cat’ or ‘lucky cat’ in English.

Welcoming cat, Maneki-neko in Tokyo, Japan

The calico cat, we called ‘Mi-ke’, which are a symbols happiness and good luck.

The calico cat, we called ‘Mi-ke’, which are a symbols happiness and good luck

The rainy season lasts from the beginning of June to mid-July i
n mainland Japan.

Green in Japan

During rainy season it does not rain every day, but the weather varies from intensive downpours to occasional sprinkles.

kamakura, Japan

On the other hands, sunny days during the rainy season, the air temperature gets high and humidity is also high.

Kamakura Buddhist temple in Japan_3, Bamboo forest

You’ll see a lot of chicks of birds in this rainy season, like barn swallow, and spot‐billed duck…

-“Baby boom”

barn swallow in Japan

In early summer, a spot-billed duck hatches chicks near the pond and the family spends about one month there before moving on.

spot‐billed duck in Japan

Some sights, such as wooden temples, gardens and old houses are rather attractive in the season’s rain or mist, these conditions make for an atmospheric visit.

Buddhist old temple in Kamakura, Japan

The appreciation of the light and shadow of such settings is celebrated in many aspects of Japanese culture from architecture to food.

Do you like “Maccha”, powdered green tea ?

Japanese green tea

Some architecture is constructed to facilitate the enjoyment of the sound of raindrops. Also, Japanese people enjoy seeing hydrangeas in the rain.

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