Monkey at Zoological garden in Spring

Cherry blossom season and animal, in April Japan

The cherry blossoms come out in early April, at Tokyo, Japan.

cherry blossoms in Japan

Monkey looks comfortable, this season.

Cherry blossoms and Monley in Japan_2

A shower of cherry blossoms, like a rain.

You can see beautiful Japanese scenery there in the end of March to early April.

Cherry blossoms and Flamingo in Japan

The cherry blossom-viewing, called “Sakura”.

Cherry blossoms and Wild Birds in Japan, White eyes

Weeping Japanese cherry is Sakura, too.

Cherry blossoms and Goat in Japan_1

Sakura and goat is lovely.

Cherry blossoms and Goat in Japan_2

Sakura and goat is lovely, is not it?

Cherry blossoms and Goat in Japan_3

The cherry blossom season brings crowds of people to parks in Japan.

Cherry blossoms and Penguins in Japan

Ueno park, which was Japan’s first park. Ueno is the northeast of Tokyo.

The statue of Saigo-San and his pet, dog has also become a well-known.

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