Autumn leaves in Japan

Autumn and Animal in Japan

Asakusa, Tokyo is a famous tourism spot.

Asakusa, Tokyo Japan

Here still remains an old townscape, where is lined with old establish shops.

Main street of Asakusa, Tokyo

The oldest temple in Tokyo is “Sensoji Temple”. It said to have been built in 628.

The oldest temple in Tokyo is “Sensoji Temple” in Japan

Kaminarimon Gate, where a giant red lantern hangs is the main gate of “Sensoji Temple”.

Main street from Kaminarimon Gate in Asakusa, Japan

There are a lot of old small town in Tokyo, like Yanaka, Kagurazaka, Shibamata…

Shibamata of Small town in Tokyo, Japan

Japanese people are clever with their fingers.

Red dragonfly

Japanese people love an extremely small things.

Kanda Myojin-Shine near Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan

Akihabara, or Akiba for short, used to be known as a major shopping area for electronic goods, and now it is the site of the famous “Otaku” culture.

You can see a maid café and an animal café in Akihabara.

Fawn in Autumn

The autumn, leaves are extremely beautiful.

At Tokyo, the leaves start changing sometime in end of October or early in November. The peak of fall foliage usually comes in mid-November, and you can usually see colors on the trees until mid-December.

Japanese Monkey in Autumn

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