White-eyes on Sakura, Cherry blossom tree

Spring and Animal in Japan

The plum trees are blossoming in Mid-February.

With three stages of blossom, early, middle and late, you can enjoy their beauty anytime during the spring.

White-eyes on Sakura, Cherry blossom tree_2

March, it is still as cold as ever.

Now it’s easy to catch a cold at the change of seasons.

Black-headed Gull in Japan

Doll’s Festival; ‘Hina-matsuri’ is celebrated each year on March 3.
Most families with girls display dolls for the Doll’s Festival called Hina-ningyo.
A set of dolls includes the Emperor (odairi-sama), the Empress(ohina-sama).

Never forget that day-3.11 . . .

Sea, Tokyo Bay in Japan

We will never be able to forget the catastrophic earthquake,

Black-taild Gull in Japan

the nuclear accident, and tsunami of March 11.

sea, Tokyo bay in Japan

The sea is very wide.

Sea, Tokyo bay in Japan

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Kawaii Goat

We introduced during April to March, all season’s Japan.

Great Cormorant in Japan

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Mandarin duck Lover

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